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No Insurance

Demerit Points

0 Points


$5,000.00 for the First Offence.
Fines can be increased to $25.000.00

No Insurance

A person can be charged with this offence even if they are not involved in an accident. Furthermore, it is an offence for a vehicle owner to knowingly allow someone to drive their vehicle if it is not insured. It is also an offence to produce false evidence of automobile insurance or to make a false statement about the status of insurance when licensing a vehicle. The minimum fine for a first offence is $5,000.00. Fines can be increased to $25,000.00. A licence suspension and vehicle impoundment can also be imposed.*


Why Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

Paying a fine and pleading guilty to a traffic ticket can have many more consequences than a hefty fine amount. Most traffic tickets have demerit points and as little as one conviction can increase your insurance rates.
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Tickets and fines are handled by municipally-run courts. Common offences include:

Excessive noise
Driving without a permit
Disobeying traffic signs
Parking infractions
Not having proof of insurance
Public intoxication

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Commercial vehicle operators in Ontario must have a valid Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) certificate and carry a copy. The CVOR system monitors commercial carrier safety to improve road safety for all road users.
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