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Distracted Driving

Using your phone to talk, text, check maps or choose a playlist while you’re behind the wheel all count as distracted driving – As of January 2019, up to $1000.00, 3 Demerit Points and a 3 Day Driver’s Licence Suspension


Careless Driving

Careless Driving includes 6 demerit points.
For G1/G2/M1/M2, instead of the 6 (six) demerit points, you will automatically receive a 30-day driver’s licence suspension, for a first offence.*


Speeding tickets can affect insurance premiums. G1 or G2 licence holders are suspended for speeding more than 30km/h. Speeding tickets for speeds over 50km/h have a possible thirty (30) day suspension.*


POINTTS™ The Best Company To Fight Traffic Tickets

Experience. Dedication. Results.

Founder of SLPC

Shelina Lalji is an Elected Bencher at the Law Society of Ontario.

While an Executive for 7 years at POINTTS™ and ACLAiM, paralegal firms, Shelina Lalji also focused on advancing the paralegal profession and Access to Justice. In 2015, Shelina founded Shelina Lalji Professional Corporation and became the Master Franchisee of POINTTS™, both in Ontario and Manitoba.

Shelina volunteers with the Aga Khan Council for Ontario, where she manages 400+ volunteers across Ontario who are dedicated to improving Quality of Life of the Ultra Poor. She develops policies, protocols and guidelines for the program and strategize and influence policies for poverty elimination.


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POINTTS™ (Provincial Offences Information and Traffic Ticket Service) has been providing professional, affordable representation to motorists charged under various provincial traffic laws. We mean it when we say on your side….by your side!

Why Hire POINTTS™?

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POINTTS™ Paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. For over 34 groundbreaking years, POINTTS™ has been committed to providing quality legal representation to over a million satisfied clients. POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Paralegals provide Access to Justice to all Drivers in Ontario and Manitoba.

  • Speeding Tickets
  • Careless Driving
  • Stunt Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving Under Suspension
  • Disobey Sign
  • Failure To Yield
  • Follow Too Closely
  • Fail To Remain
  • Using A Hand-Held Device
  • 50 Over Speed Limit
  • Disobey Stop Sign
  • Driving No Insurance
  • Fail To Report
  • Improper Turn

Demerit Points

We provide our clients with the best defence for all traffic tickets in Ontario & Manitoba.

How Demerit Points Work

Demerit points stay on your record for two years from the offence date. If you collect enough points, you can lose your driver’s licence.


Escalating penalties

If you are a novice driver and have committed an offence resulting in demerit points, you may also receive a licence suspension or cancellation under Ontario’s escalating penalties program.

7 Demerit Points:

  • failing to remain at the scene of a collision
  • failing to stop when signaled or asked by a police officer

4 Demerit Points:

  • exceeding the speed limit by 30 to 49 km/hour
  • following too closely

6 Demerit Points:

  • careless driving
  • racing
  • exceeding the speed limit by 50 km/hour or more
  • failing to stop for a school bus

3 Demerit Points:

  • driving while holding or using a hand-held wireless communications or entertainment device
  • driving while viewing a display screen unrelated to the driving task
  • exceeding the speed limit by 16 to 29 km/hour
  • driving through, around or under a railway crossing barrier
  • driving the wrong way on a divided road
  • driving or operating a vehicle on a closed road
  • failing to yield the right-of-way
  • failing to obey a stop sign, traffic control stop/slow sign, traffic light or railway crossing signal
  • failing to obey the directions of a police officer
  • failing to report a collision to a police officer
  • failing to slow and carefully pass a stopped emergency vehicle or a tow truck with its amber lights flashing
  • failing to move, where possible, into another lane when passing a stopped emergency vehicle or a tow truck with its amber lights flashing
  • improper passing
  • improper driving when road is divided into lanes
  • improper use of a high occupancy vehicle lane
  • going the wrong way on a one-way road
  • crossing a divided road where no proper crossing is provided
  • crowding the driver’s seat

5 Demerit Points:

  • failing to stop at an unprotected railway crossing (for bus drivers only)

2 Demerit Points:

  • improper right turn
  • improper left turn
  • improper opening of a vehicle door
  • prohibited turns
  • towing people — on toboggans, bicycles, skis
  • unnecessary slow driving
  • backing on highway
  • failing to lower headlamp beams
  • failing to obey signs
  • failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing
  • failing to share the road
  • failing to signal
  • driver failing to wear a seat belt
  • driver failing to ensure infant/ child passenger is properly secured in an appropriate child restraint system or booster seat
  • driver failing to ensure that a passenger less than 23 kg is properly secured
  • driver failing to ensure that a passenger under 16 years is wearing a seat belt

"Very satisfied with POINTTS. Their service was great. Their staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. They were successful in having my son’s ticket lowered to a smaller fine, less demerit points and no automatic suspension of his license. Thanks POINTTS!"

Jeff Lavigne

"I have given five stars as the service I received from Pointts was excellent. I was professionally and expertly guided and nothing was too much trouble in answering my questions. My contact was very kind and my traffic charge severely reduced. Thank you Pointts"

W. O.

“I would like to sincerely thank you for your time and professionalism in handling my case in a strategical and timely manner. Your attention to my case has been outstanding and shows that each one of your clients is treated with the utmost respect and attention to each individual. Thank you again for working and winning me the case for speeding. I will certainly pass on your excellence of service with POINTTS to any future clients I meet. Please accept my gratitude in handling my case and wish you all the best throughout your career with POINTTS.”

C. H.

"I appreciate the service POINTTS provided and am very relieved with the outcome. You can be sure that I will recommend your services to others."

Tess B.

"That amazing!! 10 stars out of 5! Thank you so much. Hopefully wont need your services in the future, but if I do there will be no hesitation."

Jessica M

"I called and spoke with one representative and she was wonderful. They are very helpful, honest and are efficient with their communications. The representative that I had really did get me the best outcome possible given my situation. I would definitely choose them over X-Copper."

Gauri Menon

"Worth every penny. Very helpful and professional. He managed to achieve an outcome that was, pleasantly, much better than expected. Highly recommend!"

Mark Johnston

"Randy was extremely professional and genuinely caring compared to other paralegals I consulted with. His transparency and honesty are something to be commended! Seriously, do not look elsewhere if you want to know the true implications of your ticket/charge. Other services will give you false hope that they can get the ticket dropped so they can take your money..."

Aj Jammas

"Amazing service. Boss Lady was excellent. She took the time to talk to me and explain everything. I had two tickets. One was under 15kms so she said that it is cheaper for me to pay then sign up for her service. Second one was Careless Driving Summonses so i signed up. So glad that i signed up. Pointts people are the very best especially Boss Lady."

Manny Syed

"POINTTS was very helpful and supportive throughout the process. They were successful in having the charge reduced and in managing the whole process efficiently. I advise anyone who has an infraction to talk with POINTTS. Although I wouldn't want to go through this again, I am glad I had POINTTS there to help!"

Peter Wittenburg

"POINTTS has helped immensely with lowering my fine and eliminating a possible licence suspension and I’m very grateful and would recommend them highly"

Evan LC

"I choose Pointts to be my representative for two traffic tickets. From the beginning to the end I was very happy with the way they conducted there services via email and phone. It was a wise choice!"

Darryl C

"If you are a Truck driver you know getting an infraction against your License can be very bad for your Driving Career, but being on the road as often as we do, it does matter how careful you are, you will encounter some unavoidable situations, if you want to keep your record clean, POINTTS are the people you want to see, THEY ARE SIMPLY BEST !!!!"

Carl Sawyer

"Fantastic guidance and support throughout the process and I recommend POINTTS for any traffic violation - I could not have succeeded without their help!"

Darren Lodge

"Extremely Pleased with the Outcome and Results of Working with POINTTS. Excellent and Professional Client Services paired with effective communications throughout the process made for the best outcome possible. Thank You!"

Trisha Musselman

"From the start to the finish I was very happy with the patience and the willingness to help and provide excellent communication and taking the time to listen to my predicament. We talked for a while to understand my situation I had put myself in. I appreciate the work and honesty that was noted as well as completed. Thank you for helping me."

Jessica Dudeck

"Elizabeth did wonders for me and I appreciate her help a lot. Not only did she listen to me on the phone but she was very sympathetic towards my situation going on with my step mom being sick, and me trying to get her to an appointment the morning of my ticket . Thank you to Elizabeth."

Amanda Cannon

"Most definitely a five-star service, Elizabeth Mateus of POINTTS Winnipeg was very courteous, professional and was able to deal with the situation at hand promptly with positive results. Highly recommended."

Dan Cunningham

"I would like to thank Deborah Matheson at POINTTS Windsor for the MIRACLE she performed today regarding my ticket, my offence was removed from record, like she said "like it never happened", I must confess I was very worried, doubtful, apprehensive, inspite of her constantly reassuring me that she was more than able to handle my situation. I definitely do recommend POINTTS, especially Deborah to handle any situation with full confidence that she CAN HANDLE any problem that arises. Deborah, once again thankyou so very much, and I will definitely tell every one I know how GREAT you are! Thank You! "

John Crosby

"EDWARD, Thank You Very Much for Your Help. My Father and I both Really Appreciate Your Guidance and Effort, We are Very Happy with the Outcome, And also Very Happy with Your Service. Take Care."

Angel Oswald

"If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I was charged with ‘Drive - Handheld Communications Device’ and with the support of Shelina it went to trial and the charge was DISMISSED by the court! They had faith in me and Bill did a phenomenal job representing me throughout the process. Thanks again! I hope to never need to hire you again lol but I am confident that should I need to, you would be my first call! Highly recommended!"



"I am using services of POINTTS for over 7 years and absolutely happy with them. They saved me a lot of troubles. Very easy to work with. The last one - all charges were dropped. I didn't expect this and was very pleasantly impressed. Highly recommended!"

Ilya Print


"A careless driving ticket vanished due to the expertise of the wonderful ladies at POINTTS. Thank goodness for the new day technology where I signed up online and paid for it without any hassles. I am old school but love the idea of not having to drive to their office or make an appointment. Call them, retain them, pay them and get wonderful results. Excellent work ladies!!! 😊"

Nickolas Pedrovich


"Randy is a very perfessional person. He works well with his client. As I was heading off to do some training for my career he made sure I was able to recive all the documentations that were needed. Also he gave me time to reply and sign everything! I will for sure suggest Pointts to anyone when they need!"

Alexander Sharpe


"Everyone was very supportive and professional Super to deal with. Can't thank him enough for going to bat for me and being successful."

Utta Jamieson

"I believe everyone has the right to fight back . I was caught doing 120klm in a 90 and got the fine reduced to 105klm using points and fine knocked down to $60 (original over 300$) I do NOT give 5 star reviews to anyone , but they deserve it ! Keep fighting the good fight !"


"Went above and beyond to help with my situation"

Jon Leach

" They did a fantastic job and was able to get my case withdrawn. Totally worth the money spent."

Andrew Charron

"POINTTS helped us handle an unfortunate situation in the least stressful productive way possible from beginning to end. Highly recommend their services for their professionalism and our peace of mind. Thank you again!"

Sarah F

"I recently got a speeding ticket as well as failure to show insurance. I called Pointts Ottawa right away. This is the second time I've used Pointts and I'm very happy I did (I was happy the first time as well). Will definitely call again if I get any kind of a ticket. Hopefully I don't have to, but it's nice to know they are there."

Christien Corbin

"POINTTS is Amazing! Professional, Clear & Informed they help you through every step of the process, my case was completely dismissed. Professional, concise and ensured I understood every aspect of the trial. I'd recommend them to anyone, though I have no intention of this ever happening again.

Darlene McLeod

"Very professional. Elizabeth does a great job of managing expectations and helping you understand your rights and how the process works. I would certainly refer friends to her."

Steve Kulyk

"Had both charges completely withdrawn. Couldn't ask for any more!"

Chris R

"Facing a handheld device ticket and the hefty penalties that accompanied it. We went to court and beat the ticket. Thanks to POINTTS for all of your help"

Tyler Pepper

"I have given five stars as the service I received from POINTTS Ottawa was excellent. I was professionally and expertly guided and nothing was too much trouble in answering my questions. My contact was very kind and my traffic charge severely reduced. Thank you POINTTS Ottawa. WO."


"Very professional and help me with getting my ticket lowered. I highly recommend their service"

Jonathan Beriault

"POINTTS Barrie provided exceptional service from the time I first called them about my infraction. They provided counsel about the best way to approach the charge I was facing, involved me in the process and were successful in getting the charge quashed completely. They are knowledgeable and responded to every question I had in a timely fashion. They know what they are doing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. I hope I don’t have to use their services again, but if I do I will reach out to POINTTS without hesitation. They are amazing at what they do!"

Penny D

"I called XCopper and got a quote but I didn't feel confident in their abilities. I called POINTTS and met and explained the process to me and potential outcomes. I felt that he would genuinely do everything in his power to fight this for me despite he had less than 1 week to negotiate something on my behalf. In the end, able to get the 2 minor offences thrown away and NO SUSPENSION. I highly recommend POINTTS, he knows his stuff and has many years of experience. I wish I knew about POINTTS a long time ago. This was definitely the best decision I made all year as it saved my career and aspects of my life.

Sebastien Christopher

"I originally chose to use POINTTS as they have a lot of excellent reviews on Google, and it turned out to be a great choice! They were able to actually get my ticket withdrawn completely, which is the best case scenario that you could ask for. He was also very informative during the whole process, with a play by play of what was going on with the case. Him, and his team took care of everything, even keeping me out of the courtroom. Would recommend their service to anyone!"

Gordon Makin

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