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Deborah Holden
Licensed Paralegal

Elizabeth Mateus
Training and Compliance Supervisor

Edward Disenhouse
Legal Research and Analysis Advisor

Estelle Colwill
Licensed Paralegal

Randy Smale
Operations Manager

Rhonda Goodfellow
Office Manager

Scott Smith
Licensed Paralegal

Shelby Foster
Licensed Paralegal

POINTTS Paralegal William Detlor

William Detlor
Licensed Paralegal

A New Addition
Licensed Paralegal


What People Are Saying About POINTTS™
Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“…POINTTS Belleville was the first place I had brought my traffic ticket, and I am grateful I did not think twice. I followed their direction towards my case and it fell precisely how they predicted. I was granted an appeal, and my charges were dropped. I would highly recommend to anyone with a traffic ticket to be consulted by their fantastic agents before taking action on their own.”
Shayna V.
POINTTS – I would just like to say thank you very much for your service! When I called around for advice my Pointts representative was the first company that actually talked to me like I was a human being, and that made everything so much easier. I didn’t have to miss any time working to attend court and deal with this matter and the outcome was better than I could have hoped for! I was kept up to date throughout the process and it was no longer a complicated experience. I will be highly recommending your service to any friends and family who have traffic ticket issues in the future!
Thank you again! 
Nicole H.
“POINTTS …thank you for the excellent job you and your colleagues did in reducing my speeding fine from $240 to $60 and even more importantly reducing points from 4 to 0!!! You made the process seamless and easy for me as a client. Would be happy to recommend your services to any of my friends should they ever need them. Thanks again.”
“POINTTS BARRIE – … Liz ultimately used all her negotiating skills to achieve a resolution where I accumulated ZERO Demerit Points and paid a very small fine. I have nothing but praise and appreciation for what she has done for me. She will be highly recommended by me to anyone I know who happens to need the services of POINTTS. Thank you so much! 
“POINTTS – Thank you for the excellent representation of my case at the court”.
Ned A.
POINTTS OTTAWA – “I would like to thank you for the service provided when I need it the most. Your help went beyond my expectations. You were caring, understandable and respectful while providing an excellent professional service. I will recommend you to anyone that will be in need for such service”.
POINTTS – “Thank you Elizabeth for your attending to this matter on my behalf. Your professionalism is above expectation. Many thanks also to the POINTTS team”.
Douglas M.
POINTTS BELLEVILLE – “Abbey was quite overwhelmed with the thought of needing to attend court, your expertise avoided that needing to happen. Given our daughter’s age of 21, at the time, and her being a relatively young driver on our insurance this could have affected us greatly.
You both have been terrific to deal with, Abbey appreciated your calming affect in conversation, as did I.
Once again, Thank you very much for making this whole scenario wipe clear altogether, this was a very pleasant surprise.
The cost of POINTTS paid off in every sense of the word.”
Sherri H.
POINTTS OTTAWA – “All I can say is thank you very much for your services which are very much appreciated.
I will not hesitate to direct anyone I meet in the future in similar circumstances to your services.
Chris G.
POINTTS WINDSOR – “It was a pleasure and a HUGE stress relief to have you in my corner and not to have to worry about it…just as you told me on day one.”
Brian B.
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