Bill Kelly: Tougher distracted driving laws are long overdue

Bill Kelly - Radio Host 900 CHML Finally, the Ontario government is going to lower the boom on distracted drivers. The problem has reached epidemic proportions; in fact, distracted driving is far and away the leading cause of motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. I’ve always maintained that the current penalties for distracted driving hardly [...]

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B.C. to impose big penalties for distracted driving

Penalties - Distracted driving The province is cracking down even harder on distracted driving. It plans to significantly increase the penalties paid through ICBC. Distracted driving carries a fine of $368, but on top of the ticket, offenders must also pay Driver Risk Premium charges to ICBC. These charges are billed even if the [...]

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Can I get a ticket if I get pulled over and don’t have my licence?

Licence - Driving without it If I'm driving without my wallet and I get pulled over, will I be charged for driving without a licence? I thought I was allowed to produce it within 24 hours. Can I save a photo of my licence on my iPhone, just in case? – Dorothy, Oshawa, Ont. [...]

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Running school bus stop lights

Running school bus stop lights The new school year is approaching but John Dewar believes there are a lot of worried bus drivers in the North Bay area. Dewar is the Safety Training Manager at Stock Transportation in North Bay. He keeps tabs on his drivers and the number of times they have reported vehicles [...]

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Distracted driving causes more collisions

Distracted driving causes more collisions than impaired and speeding drivers combined Inattentive driving is linked to more collisions on Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)-patrolled roads so far this year than speeding and alcohol/drug-related collisions combined. Since January 1, 2017, driver distraction has been reported as the primary cause in 6,360 road collisions. In contrast, [...]

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Disputing a Toronto parking ticket

Disputing a Toronto parking ticket? How you fight it is about to change Toronto switches to a new parking ticket system on Monday. Instead of fighting fines in provincial court, disgruntled motorists will use a new city process they can trigger online or in person. The city hopes to avoid a repeat of [...]

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Stabbing During Road Rage Incident

'Brampton man charged following stabbing during road rage incident Police say the victim drove himself to a coffee shop after he was stabbed during a road rage altercation in Vaughan. York Region police have charged a 53-year-old man following a road rage incident in Vaughan that ended with one driver being stabbed. The victim [...]

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Motorcycle Mob

'Motorcycle mob' wanted for dangerous activity on Ont. highways Ontario Provincial Police are turning to the public for help identifying a “motorcycle mob” accused of dangerous acts on southern Ontario highways over the August long weekend. Police say a large group of motorcyclists were “rallying together” to perform “stunts” on highways 409, 427, 401 [...]

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Drastic Jump in Speeding Charges

Drivers in Ontario were in a hurry this August long weekend Ontario Provincial Police say there has been a dramatic jump in the number of speeding charges over the holiday, compared to 2016. Province-wide, OPP officers laid 1312 speeding charges on Ontario roads, compared to 832 last year. 84 of those charges were in [...]

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Slow Down Move Over – It’s the Law

Hundreds ticketed for ignoring 'move over' law in Ontario this year The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) this Civic Day Long Weekend (August 4, 2017-August 7, 2017) will be conducting a Slow Down, Move Over enforcement and education campaign. With heavy traffic volumes expected throughout the province, highways and roads will see a greater presence of [...]

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