Impaired Countermeasures

The Impaired Countermeasures Unit is a dedicated and specialized group of approximately 20 police officers, within Road Safety Services, who have been trained as Qualified Breath Technicians. These officers are primarily responsible for the testing of persons Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), who have been arrested for a Drinking and Driving related offence in the [...]

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Drinking Driving Problem Among Youth

Youth and Impaired Driving The statistics for motor vehicle crashes and impairment-related crashes among young drivers are alarming. Young people have the highest rates of traffic death and injury per capita among all age groups and the highest death rate per kilometre driven among all drivers under 75 years of age. [...]

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Cops probing motorcycles swarming Mississauga streets

It was a flurry of screaming engines, hundreds of motorcycles weaving through Sunday afternoon traffic in Mississauga, some popping wheelies, as stunned drivers could only stop and watch them tear by. When the dust settled, Peel cops were left with the smouldering wreck of one motorcycle and a long list of potential violations to charge [...]

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