Stabbing During Road Rage Incident

‘Brampton man charged following stabbing during road rage incident

Police say the victim drove himself to a coffee shop after he was stabbed during a road rage altercation in Vaughan.
York Region police have charged a 53-year-old man following a road rage incident in Vaughan that ended with one driver being stabbed.

The victim was driving on Zenway Blvd. near Highway 427 where police said he was followed closely by another vehicle on Aug. 6 just before 11 p.m.

When both vehicles stopped at a red light, words were exchanged and both drivers got out of their cars, which led to a 29-year-old Brampton man being stabbed.

Police said the victim then drove himself to a coffee stop at Highway 27 and Zenway Blvd. where he called for help. He was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Vito Maltese of Brampton has been charged with assault with a weapon and causing bodily harm. He is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 14.

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Distracted driving remained flat, year-over-year, with 26 charges both years, but alcohol impairment went up slightly, with 17 charges laid this year compared to 11 last year.
Prevost says, however, there is a silver lining.
“One good thing is failing to move over for emergency vehicles charges have gone down,” he says. “This year we have 63 charges, compared to 101 from 2016.”

The law requires motorists to slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle parked on the side of the highway when its lights are activated and to move over one lane if possible.

Failure to do so can result in fines from $400 to $2,000 and three demerit points for a first offence.

T-bone crash in Toronto road rage incident, caught on video

Toronto police are investigating a bizarre road rage incident that police say involved an extended confrontation between the driver of a pickup truck and multiple passengers in a gold-coloured sedan.
In the video, a pickup truck can be seen accelerating into a sharp turn and colliding with a gold-coloured car that is turning into the oncoming lane. The truck collides with the back door on the driver’s side, where a passenger’s face was visible moments before the collision. Both vehicles spin out onto the dusty shoulder, and a woman appears to fall out of the passenger side of the pickup truck. The gold car then flees the scene, while the pickup driver can be seen getting out of his vehicle and watching the car leave.
Police say one individual was treated for minor injuries in connection with the incident. The pickup driver was not arrested, and police have not yet located the occupants of the car. The vehicle itself was found abandoned a short distance away.

A pickup truck is shown colliding with a gold sedan in this image from witness video captured in Toronto, on July 17, 2017.
Const. Adam Preuthun says investigators believe the crash caught on video followed another collision a short time earlier, that prompted a brief fight during which a rock was thrown. The car then left the scene before returning moments later, when the T-bone collision occurred.
“It was a road rage incident,” Preuthun said.
Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the first collision, which occurred Monday at approximately 9:15 p.m., near the Cherry Street Bridge in Toronto’s Port Lands neighbourhood.
“All I know is I was driving straight around,” Brendan Salter, who drove the pickup truck, told CP24. “Someone came and smashed in my window with a rock. I tried to get out, I guess (the) dude turned in and smashed into the front of my truck and disappeared. That’s it.”
The witness who recorded the video said three occupants from the gold car tried to enter the pickup truck after the first collision. “Three people jump out of the vehicle, right away start screaming at the truck,” he told CTV Toronto. “They surrounded the vehicle and one of the individuals ran into the passenger door of the truck, hitting it with his knee and trying to hit the window with his arm.” He said that individual also threw a rock at the window.
The witness said they soon gave up on getting at the driver, and got back into the car and made a U-turn. That’s when the second collision occurred, as shown on video.
No charges have been laid in connection with the incident.
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Dashcam captures man hitting vehicle with baseball bat in road rage incident

Toronto police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a man caught on dashboard video smashing a car mirror with a baseball bat on Friday near Exhibition Place.

Police seek man who hit car mirror with baseball bat in road rage incident

Police are calling it an incident of road rage and say it happened at a red light at the intersection of Strachan Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard West shortly after 6:30 p.m.

The video shows the man stepping out of his vehicle to get a baseball bat from his trunk. He then walks over to a white van and swings at the vehicle multiple times.

The man then walks away, presumably back to his car. The video shows the white van pull up with its passenger side mirror destroyed.

Police are still seeking the man with the baseball bat and are asking for the public’s help in identifying him.

Anyone who witnessed the road rage, who has other video footage, or any information, is asked to call police at 416-808-1400, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at, or text TOR and a message to CRIMES (274637).

Woman arrested in topless knife-wielding road-rage case

For Susan Kettell, it was the bust of times, it was the worst of times.

The 39-year-old Sandwich, Mass. woman was arrested and charged on Saturday for a road-rage incident where she allegedly got out of her SUV, took off her shirt and charged topless with a knife at another motorist.

The other motorist was an off-duty cop.

Police say they received a call that an SUV was driving erratically. The SUV then allegedly attempted to slam into the caller’s vehicle before pulling up behind it at a red light.

That’s when they say Kettell emerged from the Ford Explorer, stripped down and charged with a dagger.

But the kindly cop drove away and officers eventually located Kettell. Her passenger — who was hammered — was also arrested and placed in police custody.

Kettell was charged with her second drunk-driving offence, driving with a suspended licence, three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a dangerous weapon to wit double edged knife, lewd and lascivious conduct, and several other motor vehicle violations.

She had been arrested last year for breaking into a local supermarket during a quest for a late-night serving of apple pie. Cops say she was hammered then too.
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Facts on Road Rage

Coined in 1988, the term “Road Rage” refers to a motorist’s extreme anger in response to a perceived injustice committed by other drivers.

A study of road rage incidents in Canada, published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, reveals that drivers in Toronto experience road rage far more often than drivers of other regions of Ontario.

The study found that drivers who are well-educated and well-paid are more likely to be both the victims and the aggressors on Toronto’s streets and highways. The study of 1,400 Ontario drivers in 2001 also found the following:

46% of Ontario drivers had been shouted or cursed at, or had rude gestures directed at them, during the past 12 months.
Over 7% report a threat of damage to their vehicle or to themselves.
Over 31% admitted to shouting or cursing at someone.
2.1% said they had threatened to hurt someone or to damage their vehicle.
Aggressive behaviour was more prevalent among drivers aged 18-34, with 44.2% admitting to threatening or swearing at someone. Of those earning over $80,000, 44.5% admitted to threatening or swearing at a driver.

The study found that drivers in Toronto are more likely to be the recipients of shouts, curses and rude gestures, due in part to heavier traffic congestion than other parts of Ontario.

Tips to avoid road rage:
Plan your route in advance, travel on roads that you are comfortable on and that have a low volume of traffic
If you are driving for a long period of time, stop and take a break
Avoid honking, only do this if you feel it is absolutely necessary
Apologize if you make a mistake while on the road


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