Jordan York -Put Down The Phone

Pittsburgh Rapper Jordan York touches on society’s addiction to Technology with his Single “Put Down The Phone”.

One of the most exciting rappers to hit the music scene has launched his new single that contains a strong message. The single is called “Put Down The Phone” and has been credited as being one of the best new singles of 2017.
Jordan York to release new single, “Put Down The Phone” on May 7, 2017 on all major music outlets. “Put Down The Phone” is a song relating to today’s society, with the powerful message of how important it is to be in the present moment.

Jordan York has been described as one of the most exciting rappers of recent years. His music has entertained fans all around the world, quickly becoming one of the best known rappers the music world has produced.

The single not only tells a story of how most people can’t put down their phones, but also highlights how dangerous it is to text and drive. With today’s generation consistently checking social media, messages, and emails, even in the company of others, Jordan York’s single “Put Down The Phone” displays the how disconnected we can be in a connected world.

Jordan York Music is known for powerful music that tells a story that most people can relate to. York’s mission is to connect with fans and audiences all over to share his experiences and music. Jordan York has won Pittsburgh’s Best Pop Artist for two
consecutive years, and has worked with various notable music artists.

If someone is caught using a cellphone behind the wheel, they will face a $280 ticket and four demerit points on your license. A second offence in a year will include a seven-day vehicle impoundment.

The penalty for breaking the cellphone law is $280 and four demerit points. A second offence within a one-year period will result in the vehicle being impounded for seven days.
Police also handed out 4,532 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving and 453 seatbelt and child safety seat violation tickets.


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